Positive Birth Stories from Clients

10lb 7oz baby delivered with gas and air at 42 weeks - informed decision making at it's finest!

"Midwives could understand why I didn't want to be induced!"

"Baby finally arrived  at 42 weeks exactly! Homebirth team were great regarding not rushing us, but we did agree to go in for a scan and monitoring Tuesday morning just for peace of mind. None of the hospital midwives could understand why I didn't want to be induced! Literally were just baffled and kept asking why not? What were my concerns? 

I had been having mild contractions since 3am so was quite confident things were starting to get going but they still wanted to push induction. Scan picked up that baby was measuring very big (didn't realise it was a growth scan) which we weren't surprised about, but tummy was measuring large which increased the changes of shoulder dystocia? Recommendation was therefore to deliver on delivery suite should anything happen. 

Left feeling stressed and emotional as had really put the scarers on us. Homebirth team obviously supported their recommendation but I do think if we had pushed for Homebirth they would have supported us and they made it clear it was our decision so can't fault them. For both me and [Dad] though we felt it was best to go to RBH as too worried to stay at home and the worst end up happening. We also had to make a quick decision as contractions were underway!

Homebirth midwives came over in the afternoon for a couple of hours and I consented to a vaginal exam which put me at 4cm at 5pm ish. Also consented to a sweep as the exam was much more comfortable than I expected.

Ramped up from there and we came to the hospital about 7pm. Refused more exams as was just too uncomfortable and couldn't bear the thought of getting on my back! I was worried on delivery suite they wouldn't want me to get back up again either and expect me to labour on my back! Ended up on a mat on the floor and baby boy arrived at 21:07 with just gas and air! Waters didn't break until the last second - apparently they were bulging out and I remember the intensity of this more than anything else. 

Baby weighed 10lb 7ozs so turns out the scan was accurate after all! I had the injection for the placenta as was recommended due to blood loss in my first labour. So all relatively straightforward and fortunately being in delivery suite didn't negatively impact our plans for the birth."

K - May 2024

Positive birth with epidural at Royal Berkshire Hospital

"Your course empowered him to be an incredible partner during the birth."

"I wanted to reach out and express my deepest gratitude for the hypnobirthing course, it made such a significant difference in my birthing experience. I was induced at 39 weeks and 4 days due to reduced movement and only measuring 33 weeks. We challenged whether the induction was necessary, but it was medically advised because they were unsure if the placenta was functioning properly. Fortunately, the induction didn't work, and I went into labour naturally over the next few hours. Despite the epidural only working on one side of my body, I was able to remain calm and focused and able to manage the surges. 

Your guidance, especially the breathing techniques of inhaling for 4 and exhaling for 8, was invaluable. These techniques helped turn what could have been a stressful situation into a positive and healing experience, especially given the trauma I had from [my first labour].

I am thrilled to share that [baby] was born healthy and safe, weighing 6lb 7oz. The labour was truly a dream, and I believe that your support and the tools you provided played a massive role in that.

[Dad] was the best support and biggest cheerleader throughout the process, and your course empowered him to be an incredible partner during the birth.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you did for us. Your course gave me the confidence and skills I needed to have a positive birth experience, and I am incredibly grateful."

A - May 2024

Positive Emergency Caesarean Birth at Royal Berkshire Hospital

"...we had the exact birth that we had wanted and dreamed of."

"I just wanted to message you and thank you so much for the knowledge and empowerment the course and you gave to me and [Dad] helping us to be in the optimal position to birth our baby our way.

 Although baby did end up being delivered by C-Section due to accessorising herself a new scarf out of her umbilical cord, we had the exact birth that we had wanted and dreamed of. We knew exactly what we wanted and the knowledge and power we had from your hypnobirthing course helped to empower us to be able to decline any interventions that we didn’t want. 

We will definitely be recommending you and your course to everyone that we know! Thank you so much again and baby and I will be joining you on the walkie talkie mummies very soon!"

L - February 2024

Positive Induction Birth

"...a positive, incredible birth"

"I gave birth to my son yesterday morning. I ended up being induced with a more medicalised experience this time, but it was still a positive, incredible birth and I managed to push out a 10lb 8oz baby! Thank you for everything - all the breathing, affirmations, preparation and feeling informed helped so much."

E - January 2024

Positive Quick Birth Story

"Having all the knowledge and feeling so calm was amazing"

"So thought we should give a little update! I know I emailed and said I thought she was getting ready! Didn’t quite think she was getting herself this ready! But our little girl...arrived the day after! 

All we can say is thank you so much for your help and the course!! We would have really struggled (particularly Dad) without it! It moved very quickly so the fact we knew what everything meant and had discussed it was an absolute life saver!! 

My waters broke at 6am and because she was under 37 weeks we went in to check everything was okay! No real pain at this point, was popped on an assessment unit just to wait and see what would happen by midday I was 4cms and then she was here by 15:20! No time to think about anything really! I suddenly noticed I was in the transition stage quite soon after! We had to make decisions really quickly, so having all the knowledge and feeling so calm was amazing! They have said home birth next time as I probably won’t make it!"

C - January 2024

Positive Homebirth Story

"Incredible experience"

"Baby A arrived early Saturday morning! I'd been having on and off early labour symptoms for a few days but woke at 3.30am to my waters breaking and he arrived at 4.34am! 

Very intense and no time to sort out anything except my breathing (which helped a lot!). The midwife arrived at 4.25am, and we managed to only fill half the pool! I managed to stay in control and calm, despite the speed as I understood what was happening and got away with a minor tear from slowly breathing him out and not pushing (despite being 8lb 8oz!). Dad was also really calm! 

Incredible experience and he is a lovely baby! It was lovely to be at home and not have to go to hospital. We were all tucked up in bed by 6.30am in time for our daughter to wake up and be introduced, which was just perfect!"

B - September 2023

"The birth was amazing!"

"Baby was born yesterday - I was breathing through my contractions and went from 2cm to 10cm in 5 hours and pushed for about 10 mins!

I tired gas and air but I didn’t like it, but when it came to me needing to push I had it back! The birth was amazing! Can I just say thank you so much for everything you did and helped me with. I really do appreciate it as you didn’t need to but you did because you are just so lovely!"

S - October 2023

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